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Client Case Study Bretts Wharf Riverwalk 

Bretts Wharf Riverwalk is a pedestrian and bicycle, concrete, shared path suspended over the north bank of the Brisbane River at Hamilton. An existing QSS construction client approached us to assist on this project with survey works. 

Here is a bit more about what was involved in the project: 

Type of work being doneRevetment wall to tie in with existing walkway along the Brisbane River at Bretts Wharf, Hamilton. 

Surveying works requiredPre-design Survey (Survey of existing features to assist in designing wall to required specifications). 

Set out for the construction of a rock wall. 

As-constructed Survey. 

Project Location: Bretts Wharf Riverwalk Remediation – Hamilton, Brisbane City Council. 

Project background info: The structure is 210 metres long and 4.8 metres wide and runs east from Brett’s Wharf ferry terminal. During regular maintenance inspections, council identified that a section of the riverwalk, adjacent to Bretts Wharf Apartments, required work to enhance the life of the structure and ensure that it remained safe and serviceable, without restrictions, for the benefit of users. 

The Bretts Wharf Riverwalk rehabilitation project is part of Council’s Boardwalk Rehabilitation Program. This project is part of council’s commitment to improving quality of life for residents while ensuring our city has the services and infrastructure to meet the needs of future generations. 

For further information please visit the Brisbane City Council website here

Project information: To improve the safety and life of Bretts Wharf Riverwalk, Council stabilised the river bank and piles that support the riverwalk. 

Works involved: 

  • Installing a rock armour seawall 
  • Injecting cement stabilised fill and sand into the void under the deck 
  • Minor repairs and replacement of the corroded under-deck reinforcements (where required). 

Outcome: Our client used our survey for the design phase for critical tie ins. If our survey was not accurate, it could have resulted in a full re-design with modifications, which would have cost our client valuable time and money. 

Due to the unstable ground surface of the riverbed, to ensure accuracy, we used metal star pickets. 

Documentation: QSS completed and supplied our client with as-constructed plans as required. 

NOTE: What are as-constructed surveys/plans? 

As constructed refers to measurement of the built form. This often occurs for public infrastructure (sewers, drainage, roads etc) as well as buildings and earthworks. Delivery of as-constructed survey works is usually to a standard such as, As Constructed (ADAC), so that these measurements can be passed onto local government for maintenance. As constructed surveys are also regularly performed on buildings for compliance with building approvals or construction design standards. 

Wharf Construction Surveyor 

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