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Client Case Study Alexandra Hills Reservoir 

An existing QSS large infrastructure client approached us to assist with the refurbishment project of the Alexandra Hills Reservoir. The Alexandra Hills Reservoirs Complex comprises of five concrete reservoirs supplying potable water to the Redland Bay Region. Seqwater identified the need for the rehabilitation of these reservoirs, with those subject to the bulk of the works constructed in 1964. 

Here is more detail about our contribution to the refurbishment project: 

Type of work being doneAlexandra Hills Reservoir Refurbishment.  

Surveying works requiredPre-design (Survey existing features), Engineering set out, As-constructed Survey. 

Project Location: Alexandra Hills, Queensland – Redland City Council. 

Project information and works involved: 

Project duration: February 2019 – April 2020. 

  • Demolition of 40m structural timer reservoir roofs and replacement with structural steel. 
  • Removal and replacement of asbestos containing joints on internal reservoir floor slab. 
  • Dosing, instrumentation and mixer repairs and replacement. 
  • 3D design and operation scanning. 
  • Replacement of access stair towers, roof platforms, hatches, ladders, handrails and davit arms. 
  • Concrete repairs including spalling, cracking and polyurea linings. 
  • Design and installation of storm water drainage system. 

Outcome: Our client used our survey for the design phase for critical tie ins. If our survey was not accurate, it could have resulted in a full re-design with modifications, which would have cost our client valuable time and money. 

Documentation: QSS has completed and supplied our client with as-constructed plans as required. 

NOTE: What are as-constructed surveys/plans? 

As constructed refers to measurement of the built form. This often occurs for public infrastructure (sewers, drainage, roads etc) as well as buildings and earthworks. Delivery of as-constructed survey works is usually to a standard such as, As Constructed (ADAC), so that these measurements can be passed onto local government for maintenance. As constructed surveys are also regularly performed on buildings for compliance with building approvals or construction design standards. 

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