A Boundary Survey, which is also known as an Identification Survey, is used to determine a property’s exact boundary lines and corners.

It can be incredibly beneficial and can even help resolve neighbourhood disputes which may arise about property lines, trees, fences, retaining walls or other structures.

The experienced team at Queensland Surveying Solutions (QSS) frequently conduct this type of survey. Identification Surveys need to be carried out by a Registered Cadastral Surveyor. QSS is proud to be registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland.

For precise and accurate surveys in South East Queensland, including the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, contact QSS today.

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Boundary Surveys are required by homeowners or purchasers who are wanting to establish the exact location of their boundaries to assist with:

  • Erecting new fences, building new houses and extensions to existing houses.
  • Erecting a new retaining wall or maintaining an existing one.
  • Determining if a building or other structure encroaches onto a lot.
  • Resolving boundary position disputes with neighbours
  • Investigation of easements, restrictions or covenants over the land that are noted on the title.



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STEP 1 – Search of DNRME (Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy) records for survey information: We search for all relevant previous survey plans from the DNRME and purchase the most relevant/useful plans to assist us with our survey.

STEP 2 – Surround field survey of the site: The surveyor uses the reference marks recorded at previous surveys to measure and confirm the exact location of the boundary.

STEP 3 – Calculation of reinstatement.

STEP 4 – Marking of the property corners of the site: White wooden pegs are usually used to mark the corners of a property. If a peg cannot be placed into the ground for some reason, the corners can be marked with nails.

STEP 5: Marking of line pegs (if needed): Most of the time it’s only the property corners where pegs or markings are placed, but in some instances line pegs can be used along the length of the property. For example, if the boundary is long or if other building work is being carried out close by.

STEP 6: Placement of suitable reference and recovery marks.

STEP 7: Location and documentation of any encroachments: Notifications are given to the owners if there are any structures or improvements near the boundaries which are found and displayed on the plan.  

STEP 8: Drafting and checking of Identification Survey Plan.

STEP 9: Lodge the Survey Plan with the DNRME.


There are a range of benefits to having this type of survey carried out, including: 

  • Accuracy of property description:To avoid legal disputes with tenants or home buyers. 
  • Building permits:Surveyors provide Form 16 Certificates to assist with building/renovation approvals. It must be stated that the building/renovation is wholly contained within the property boundaries. Therefore, it is highly recommended an Identification Survey be completed before any building works for this purpose. 
  • Dispute prevention:Can prevent or assist with neighbourhood disputes regarding fences, trees, retaining walls and other structures. 


I think part of my neighbours house/carport/structure encroaches onto my property, will this survey identify if it does or not?

An Identification Survey Plan will identify any encroachments. These will be marked on the Identification Survey Plan and all relevant homeowners will be notified.

I am buying a house, should I have the boundaries surveyed?

Although you are legally not required to in Queensland, it is in your best interest to do so. This is to protect your rights as a property owner. It also ensures that you are getting what you paid for. 

Is it necessary to produce an Identification Survey Plan and lodge it with the DNRME? I don’t really need a plan; I just want to know where my boundary is.

A plan is a technical and legal document prepared by a Registered Cadastral Surveyor. As soon as we mark or peg a boundary, it is a legal requirement to produce a plan and lodge it accordingly. 

There is a retaining wall between me and my neighbour that requires maintenance. We are unsure who is responsible for the cost or whose it is. Will an Identification Survey help?

Retaining walls are not classed as fences under the Neighbourhood Disputes Resolution Act 2011. Retaining walls are built to support built up or excavated earth. They are normally not a matter of joint responsibility for neighbours as they are usually benefit one neighbour more than the other. 

This means that the person responsible for maintaining the retaining wall is usually the person who owns the property the retaining wall is located on. 

An Identification Survey will assist in locating the retaining wall in relation to the boundary. 

Why is the cost almost the same for one boundary as it is all boundaries?

Most of the work is doing the reinstatement from existing marks off previous plans, once that is done then replacing pegs is a relatively quick exercise. 


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