Has there been some work going on next door that has made you wonder how to tell if your neighbour has built over the Boundary? At QLD Surveying Solutions we can help you identify the exact property boundary to determine if any further action needs to be taken.  

Property boundaries in Queensland can be determined with a boundary survey, which is also known as an identification survey. They can be conducted by those looking to erect a new fence or retaining wall, building a new house or even to help resolve boundary position disputes between neighbours. 

In our latest blog below, we talk about what is involved in a boundary identification survey and what we uncovered during a recent survey conducted for a homeowner.  

Boundary Encroachment Client Case Study  

Our client approached us ahead of completing extensive renovations to their existing house in Gordon Park. Our surveying team completed a Contour & Detail Survey along with an Identification Survey, to assist with the design phase. 

Project LocationBrisbane City Council 

What is involved: An Identification Survey was completed where boundaries were marked with pegs/and or screws. As legally required, we then lodged the Identification Survey Plan for public record. We also completed a Contour & Detail Survey to assist the architect with the design phase of the project. 

Project OutcomeOur survey showed that one side fence was not erected on the boundary and as a result, an air conditioning unit along with a timber screen structure was encroaching from the neighbour’s yard onto our client’s property. 

extract identification survey

It is a legal requirement to mark any encroachments on the Identification Survey Plan and all relevant homeowners be notified.  

Documentation: A copy of the Identification Survey Plan (PDF file via email) was provided to our client, along with a copy of the encroachment notice that was forwarded to their neighbour. We also supplied our client with a Contour & Detail Survey Plan (PDF file via email) along with the relevant CAD file. 

Is My Fence My Boundary Line? 

An Identification Survey determines the actual boundary location. It is often assumed that the property boundary is where the fence is located. 

However we find a lot of fences are not erected on the actual boundary (especially in older areas).

Our client will now be able to use our survey and encroachment notice as a tool to approach his neighbour to come to an amicable solution. 

Why Choose QSS for your Boundary Survey? 

  • We provide our clients with precise and accurate surveys. 
  • You’ll receive clear communication ensuring you are kept up-to-date with every step of the survey process. 
  • Each member of our survey team is fully qualified with years of experience. 
  • We offer competitive quotes. 

Identification Survey Brisbane  

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