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Client Case Study Contour & Detail Survey Wynnum  

With a subdivision planned in the Wynnum area, we were engaged by the developer to assist on the project with a land survey. 

Here is a bit more about the project and how we contributed: 

Type of surveying works being completedSubdivision – Contour & Detail Survey. 

Project Location: Bay Terrace, Wynnum – Brisbane City Council.  

What is involved: A Contour & Detail Survey is the first point of call when completing a subdivision. The Contour & Detail Plan is used for subdivision design to maximise the lot yield. 

The plan presents information about your land for the purposes of proposed development to local council. 

Outcome: This survey had a lot of features that needed to be surveyed including a creek that ran through the rear of the property.  

There were lots of varying heights, ledges, retaining walls, stairs, trees and gardens that required surveying.  

Attention to detail is of upmost importance when completing surveys like these to ensure that nothing is missed. 

Documentation: Upon completion, a Contour and Detail Plan was forwarded onto our client, along with relevant CAD files. The plan will now accompany the Development Application (DA) to local council. 

NOTE: What is a CAD file? 

CAD is an image file format used by AutoCAD. AutoCAD was created by AutoDesk, and creates 2-D and 3-D designs. CAD files hold information for these images, as well as drafting information. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. 

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