Monto Mount Perry Rd – Bridge Survey

As our name suggests, Queensland Surveying Solutions services areas throughout all parts of Queensland. Here we are on the Monto Mount Perry Rd assisting with the construction of a new bridge.

When constructing a bridge, the information provided by the surveyor plays an integral role in the process. It ensures that engineers and construction personnel alike are aware of how the project is advancing and provides an opportunity for corrections to be made if needed. The surveyors role is to assist in ensuring that the design/structural requirement’s are being met. Bridges require highly detailed survey work, therefore a thorough understanding of what survey information is required for structures of these types is extremely important. QSS employees are fully equipped with the relevant knowledge to complete projects such as bridges with confidence.




Queensland Surveying Solutions – Burrum Heads Boat Ramp


Grant drew the short straw and was assigned to the Burrum Heads Boat Ramp project.

Took a lot of convincing to get him back in the office!

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Queensland Surveying Solutions – Positions Available!

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Queensland Surveying Solutions is experiencing rapid growth and are looking for surveyors now!

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3 Architectural Awards! I heard the surveyors were pretty good too! – BRISBANE SURVEYORS

Here at Queensland Surveying Solutions we love hearing about successful outcomes of projects that we have had the opportunity to be involved with.

One of these, the Advanced Engineering Building,  which was designed for the University of Queensland has collected 3 architectural awards.

It really is an amazing building and we were fortunate to work along side others from pre construction stages right through to completion.

Well done!




Advanced Engineering Building – University Queensland


Gold Coast Surveyors – Queensland Surveying Solutions

Great News!!

Queensland Surveying Solutions are excited to announce that we now have an office at the Gold Coast.

We already service areas on the Gold Coast, however now having an office there will assist us in reaching our clients in a much more timely manner.

We look forward to providing our surveying services throughout the construction, property and development fields.

Now, how to keep staff motivated to work on the beautiful Gold Coast???  😉