Monto Mount Perry Rd – Bridge Survey

As our name suggests, Queensland Surveying Solutions services areas throughout all parts of Queensland. Here we are on the Monto Mount Perry Rd assisting with the construction of a new bridge.

When constructing a bridge, the information provided by the surveyor plays an integral role in the process. It ensures that engineers and construction personnel alike are aware of how the project is advancing and provides an opportunity for corrections to be made if needed. The surveyors role is to assist in ensuring that the design/structural requirement’s are being met. Bridges require highly detailed survey work, therefore a thorough understanding of what survey information is required for structures of these types is extremely important. QSS employees are fully equipped with the relevant knowledge to complete projects such as bridges with confidence.




Contour and Detail Surveys

Did you know what one of the very first steps are before building your new home or adding on an extension? It’s a contour and detail survey!

A contour and detail survey is essential in this process. Typically, it provides the location and levels of existing areas by surveying at ground level, underground and above ground (services). It takes in features including trees, footpaths and other key surroundings/structures within your land parcel. It also includes some detail on an adjoining property if required. The amount of detail provided depends on the scope provided by your architect and what your project entails.

Data gained by the surveyor is used to produce a detailed plan which is essential in providing accurate information for designers/architects. It assists them in generating the best design possible for your site and making it compliant with local councils. It also protects you against future implications in regards to flooding.

Other surveys you may require:

  • Boundary Identification Survey
  • Building Set Out Survey – Includes form 16

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Building a house? Putting on an extension?

Did you know that surveyors play an integral role in preparing for many types of construction work?

If you are building a home, erecting a carport or adding an extension, you will require a qualified surveyor to ‘set out’ your project. A set out survey is basically just transferring an architectural/design drawing onto the land. The process ensures that your build complies with the original plan. It also allows the builder to use the markers provided to ensure accuracy of the building and its dimensions.

Having a set out completed by a qualified surveyor guarantees that the construction is within relevant property boundaries.

For assistance with council approvals, a surveyor’s certificate also known as a Form 16 is provided to show that the construction has been set out in the correct position in relation to the property boundaries.

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Queensland Surveying Solutions – Burrum Heads Boat Ramp


Grant drew the short straw and was assigned to the Burrum Heads Boat Ramp project.

Took a lot of convincing to get him back in the office!

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Queensland Surveying Solutions – Northern Queensland










As our name suggests we service many areas throughout Queensland.

Our surveyor Ron put in a few hard days work this month at the beautiful Emu Park in northern Queensland.

Tough gig, but someone has to do it!

Our client is constructing a sea wall to assist in decreasing the effects of erosion.

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Queensland Surveying Solutions – Positions Available!

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Queensland Surveying Solutions is experiencing rapid growth and are looking for surveyors now!

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3 Architectural Awards! I heard the surveyors were pretty good too! – BRISBANE SURVEYORS

Here at Queensland Surveying Solutions we love hearing about successful outcomes of projects that we have had the opportunity to be involved with.

One of these, the Advanced Engineering Building,  which was designed for the University of Queensland has collected 3 architectural awards.

It really is an amazing building and we were fortunate to work along side others from pre construction stages right through to completion.

Well done!




Advanced Engineering Building – University Queensland


Gold Coast Surveyors – Queensland Surveying Solutions

Great News!!

Queensland Surveying Solutions are excited to announce that we now have an office at the Gold Coast.

We already service areas on the Gold Coast, however now having an office there will assist us in reaching our clients in a much more timely manner.

We look forward to providing our surveying services throughout the construction, property and development fields.

Now, how to keep staff motivated to work on the beautiful Gold Coast???  😉



Brisbane Surveyors – Queensland Surveying Solutions

Queensland Surveying Solutions provides all the experience and professionalism you would expect from a large firm with the individual care and commitment you can expect from a smaller company. Our aim and our pride are in exceeding our client’s expectations by providing the highest of quality and attention to detail in every project. QSS use the latest technology and are at the leading edge in professional development within our practice.

We want to be a part of helping you find creative, accurate and cost efficient solutions to meet your objectives, visions and goals. QSS employee’s experience of multiple disciplines allows us to understand the complexities and challenges of every project and better cater to your individual needs. Take advantage of what we have to offer you and have confidence through to your projects completion with Queensland Surveying Solutions.

See below a recent ‘Foot Bridge’ project completed within the Brisbane area. Is always good to see a great end result!  QSS prides itself in assisting clients to gain a successful result by providing  both a high level of commitment and quality  from commencement through to completion.