Road Construction Surveying

Road Construction Surveying
Road Construction Surveying

A new intersection, roundabout, traffic lights or any type of road work involves a lot more than digging and concreting. Road construction surveying is a big part of the process and Queensland Surveying Solutions will join you onsite to get the job done.

Queensland Surveying Solutions is a surveying consultancy with years of experience in the provision of support and surveying services in civil, construction, cadastral, mining and engineering industries. 

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Client Case Study Road Construction Geebung

The need for a major intersection upgrade meant our services were called in to assist with the set out relocation, widening of the affected roads and also retaining wall construction for the following project at Geebung.

Type of surveying works being completed: Civil construction.

Project Location: Murphy Road and Ellison Road, Geebung which falls under Brisbane City Council.

What is involved: The project will see the installation of a signalised intersection to replace the existing roundabout at Murphy Road and Ellison Road, Geebung. The project will include some associated widening adjacent to the intersection.

Upon completion of this project in early 2020, we will have been working onsite for approximately 12 months in total. We have provided set out assistance in relation to service relocation, road widening and construction of retaining walls.

An outlined description of the project and video can be found on Brisbane City Council’s website here.

Outcome: QSS offered our client full availability with surveyors working around the clock, day, night and/or weekends to ensure the safe completion of this project. This is a large site with a lot of traffic control in place and there is a lot going on at any given time! Safety and traffic awareness are of upmost importance. Our fully qualified staff are confident in their knowledge regarding safety protocols when moving around the site.

Documentation: Upon completion of the project, QSS will complete and supply our client with as-constructed plans as required.

What are “As-Constructed” Surveys/Plans?

As constructed refers to measurement of the built form. This often occurs for public infrastructure (sewers, drainage, roads etc) as well as buildings and earthworks. Delivery of as-constructed survey works is usually to a standard such as As Constructed (ADAC) so that these measurements can be passed onto local government for maintenance. As constructed surveys are also regularly performed on buildings for compliance with building approvals or construction design standards.

Why Choose Queensland Surveying Solutions?

  • Our expertise and experience speak for itself – we have the experience and professionalism you would expect from a large firm with the individual care and commitment you can expect from a smaller company.
  • We are registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland.
  • Communication is key in our business – You will be kept up-to-date with every step of the process.
  • We have 2 offices located in Brisbane (Head Office) and the Gold Coast, servicing all areas throughout South East Queensland.

Road Construction Surveying

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At Queensland Surveying Solutions we are a surveying consultancy with years of experience providing support and surveying services in civil, construction, cadastral, mining and engineering industries.

We’re committed to delivering accurate and comprehensive construction surveysdevelopment surveys and property surveys at a reasonable cost, with upfront quotes.

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