How to Subdivide Your Property

How to Subdivide Your Property

If you’re looking to downsize your parcel of land, you are probably considering the processes involved and wondering how to subdivide your property.

The team at Queensland Surveying Services have the experience and expertise to assist you.

We can support the needs of different types of projects from residential and commercial subdivisions to multi floor high rises. We assist in the approvals process, pre-construction, construction and through to settlement.

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The Subdivision Process

  • A feasibility study is usually done first to determine if the proposed development would be supported by the relevant local authority (council).
  • This is usually done using the services of a town planner and perhaps meeting with council to discuss ways of achieving their acceptable outcomes.
  • If the development is feasible, then a contour detail plan is prepared and is used to determine a new lot layout and the location of new services.
  • A proposal plan is then drawn up showing the proposed new layout and submitted to council for approval in the form of a development application.
  • Operational works are next including earthworks and laying of new services. New boundaries are marked and a formal plan prepared and submitted to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy for examination.
  • The approved plan is then submitted to the relevant council once all the conditions of the DA have been met. The plan is then sealed.
  • If the local council are satisfied that the conditions have been complied with, they will sign the back of the survey plan.
  • The applicant must then submit the survey plan and all relevant legal documents to the Titles Office for registration within six months of the survey plan being sealed by council.
  • Once the survey plan is registered, new titles are created and the units/lots can be settled.

Why Choose Queensland Surveying Solutions?

  • We conduct property, development and construction surveys in civil, construction, cadastral, mining and engineering industries.
  • We are registered with the Surveyors Board of Queensland.
  • We want to be a part of helping you find creative, accurate and cost efficient solutions to meet your objectives, visions and goals.

How to Subdivide Your Property

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