Why Do I Need a Building Set Out Survey

If the world of construction is a bit foreign to you, one thought you might be having is why do I need a building set out survey?

At Queensland Surveying Solutions we’re here to talk you through why you need a set out survey and what exactly it entails.

Our team organises the set out surveying of houses, townhouses, office blocks, industrial buildings, warehouses and commercial premises.

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What is a Set Out Survey?

A set out survey involves transferring a building design from approved architectural plans onto the land itself so the builders can follow it during construction. This survey is of upmost importance to ensure accuracy throughout the building process.

At Queensland Surveying Solution, we use the latest equipment including:

  • Latest model Leica Robotic Total Station
  • Leica Controller
  • Reflective Prisms
  • Poles and Tripods

Why it’s Important to Have a Set Out Survey

Set outs are required to ensure your structure is in the right place. We complete set outs for

a large array of projects including construction of:

  • New homes
  • Carports
  • Renovations/extensions
  • Retaining walls
  • Granny flats

Our large construction/civil projects also require set out – roads, tunnels, bridges and major commercial buildings.

Process for Set Out Surveys

Each survey requires the accurate location of the boundaries by a field survey and checks against the existing survey plans. The design is checked to ensure that it meets the setback requirements and then uploaded onto a data recorder/computer that allows efficient set   out of the design in the field.

Once this is done, it is easy to return for later stages and replace the same points in exactly the same location. For example, returning to pin the footings or walls after the foundations are poured.

Form 16 Certification

Setout and siting certificates are done by checking the location of the relevant structure to the boundaries and comparing those to the offsets from the boundaries that have been approved. If compliant, a form 16 certificate is issued, if not a sketch is prepared with details of the non-compliance.

A common error is for builders or homeowners to get this done after construction has been completed. It is strongly recommended that new work is set out by a registered surveyor to avoid difficulties afterwards. The cost of the set-out work allows for a form 16 and is not that much more than getting it done after the building is finished.

Why Do I Need a Building Set Out Survey?

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