How Do I Find My Property Boundary Line QLD?

How Do I Find My Property Boundary Line QLD?
How Do I Find My Property Boundary Line QLD?

Whether you’re putting up a fence or trying to work out where your land sits, one question you’ll be looking to answer is how do I find my property boundary line QLD?

Queensland Surveying Solutions is a surveying consultancy working in the civil, construction, cadastral, mining and engineering industries.

We can provide you with a surveyor from our expert team to help you determine your legal property boundary.

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Why You Need a Professional Identification Survey

An Identification Survey, also known as a Boundary Survey, is one of the most common and frequent type of surveys that we do.

This particular survey needs to be completed by a Registered Cadastral Surveyor. Its purpose is to identify exact property boundary lines and corners.

An Identification Survey Plan will also identify any encroachments. These will be marked on the Identification Survey Plan and all relevant homeowners will be notified.

A professional Identification Survey will provide you with a number of benefits including:

  • Accuracy of property description – Avoid legal disputes with tenants or home buyers.
  • Building permits – Surveyors provide Form 16 Certificates to assist with building/renovation approvals. It must be stated that the building/renovation is wholly contained within the property boundaries. It is important to complete an Identification Survey for this purpose, prior to any building works.
  • Dispute prevention – Prevents/assists in neighbours disputes regarding fences, trees, retaining walls and other structures.

When It’s Needed

Homeowners or purchasers will need a Boundary Survey if they are wanting to establish the exact location of their boundaries to assist with:

  • Erecting new fences, building new houses, extensions to existing houses.
  • Erecting a new or maintaining an existing retaining wall.
  • Need to see if building or other structures encroach onto their lot or vice versa.
  • Resolving boundary position disputes with neighbours.
  • Investigation of easements, restrictions or covenants over the land that are noted on the Title.

How We Mark the Boundary

The first step involved in an Identification Survey is a search for all relevant previous survey plans from the Department of Resources, Mines and Energy. We purchase the most relevant/useful plans to assist us with our survey.

All plans purchased from the department have information pertaining to reference marks that were placed or recorded at the time that particular survey took place. The surveyor uses these to measure and confirm the exact location of the boundary.

Corners are generally marked with a white painted wooden peg (5cm x 5cm width, 45 length). This peg is put most of the way into the ground and a longer narrower white stake with a red painted top is put beside it as a ‘finder stake’.

Generally, pegs and/or marks are placed on the property corners only. If the property boundaries are long in length, or if building/renovations are being carried out close to the boundary, line pegs can be placed along the length of the boundary.

How Do I Find My Property Boundary Line QLD?

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