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If you’re looking to divide your land into multiple lots, you’ll need to obtain the services of a subdivision surveyor.

Queensland Surveying Solutions has years of experience in the provision of support and surveying services and can assist in your land subdivision project.

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What is a Subdivision Survey?

As more suburban areas are being re-zoned, subdivision is becoming increasingly popular. A subdivision survey relates to the title of land, from a 1 into 2 lot reconfiguration (subdivision) to multi-lot building format plans (strata).

The Subdivision Process

  1. The process usually follows the path of first doing a feasibility study and determining if the proposed development would be supported by the relevant local authority (council).
  2. If the development is feasible, then a contour & detail plan is prepared and is used to determine a new lot layout and the location of new services.
  3. A proposal plan is then drawn up showing the proposed new layout and submitted to council for approval in the form of a Development Application.
  4. Operational works now commence, this includes earthworks, laying of new services and complying with all conditions imposed in the approval. During this stage, the new boundaries are marked, and a formal plan prepared and submitted to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy for examination.
  5. The approved plan is then submitted to the relevant council once all the conditions of the DA have been met, the plan is then sealed. As part of this “plan sealing application”, the applicant is required to demonstrate how the development has been completed/constructed in accordance with all conditions of the relevant reconfiguring a lot or material change of use approval.
  6. If the local council is satisfied that the conditions have been complied with, they will sign the back of the survey plan.
  7. The applicant must then submit the survey plan and all relevant legal documents to the Titles Office for registration within six (6) months of the survey plan being sealed by Council.
  8. Once the survey plan is registered, new titles are created and the units/lots can be settled.

Can I Subdivide My Land?

All councils have varying regulations that surround whether you are able to subdivide your land or not.

Before subdividing you need to take into account the following:

  1. Your area’s Residential Design Codes – these codes stipulate the density of housing allowed in an area along with minimum and average lot sizes.
  2. Is my land big enough? The minimum lot sizes provided by your local council are only one aspect to consider when subdividing your land.
  3. The Town Planning Scheme from your local Council.
  4. Position of existing dwellings.
  5. Does your block have any existing easements on the Certificate of Title?
  6. Are there any environmental constraints?

You can check with your local council for further information.

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Subdivision Surveyor Brisbane

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